It was a sold-out crowd in Manchester, UK at the end of February 2020. I was honoured to give the keynote address to the CASE Working with Volunteers event.

The session was entitled:

Why Do We Need Global Alumni Volunteers More Than Ever?

The 3 reasons (this is the 30 second version!)

1- Encourage Storytelling

We need to encourage authentic storytelling from our global alumni.

2- Embracing global citizenship

We want our students, both local and international, to become responsible, active global citizens.

3- Reflecting Our Ambitions

Finally, our global alumni reflect the ambitions of our institutions.

Days after this event, the world found themselves in lockdown. The power of global alumni volunteer service was front and centre – showcasing their immense potential!

Check out a full article outlining the 3 elements of the event here. 

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