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Welcome to The Alumni Way Academy: your complete online toolkit for nurturing your connections, unlocking opportunities, and building the life you want.

We are all alumni. That’s our starting point. We can all benefit from the value of our alumni status—and our educational investment—throughout our lives, from our first step on the career ladder to building a career or business. You might be a recent graduate or a budding entrepreneur. You might be a parent of a student in college, or a professional who supports students and alumni

Whatever stage you are in your alumni journey, The Academy is for you. With so many transitions in life, it’s easy to feel raw. Unprepared. Overwhelmed.

In the Academy, RAW is different. RAW stands for Recognizing the Alumni Way. The RAW masterclasses will be available soon for individual and institutional membership from October 2021.

Learn how to identify the right opportunities. Find your dream job. Build your career path. Foster your life passions. Give back to your community. It all starts right here in The Alumni Way Academy.

What makes The Alumni Way Academy special?

The Academy isn’t an ordinary ‘how to’ programme. Simple tips and tricks might provide you with some short-term wins, but The Academy isn’t about quick fixes.

Instead, it sets you up for a lifetime of success by giving you the tools to develop growth-minded thinking, which makes those networking tips all the more effective in the long-term. It will give you the confidence to approach networking in a new way. Your alumni status is the key to building your network and unlocking opportunities across your life, for life.

Masterclasses will be available for institutional membership to help all students, alumni, and their supporters to recognize the power of alumni potential. This is an investment that will last not just for a couple of years, but for the rest of your life.

Launching in late 2021, Recognizing the Alumni Way (RAW) Masterclasses will include:

  • RAW Student
  • RAW Graduate
  • RAW Supporter (for parents and career advisors)
  • RAW Alumni and Advancement Professionals
  • RAW Networker

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