Alum from Day One
The students are back! Our newest alumni!


Dear Friends,


For many parts of the world, students are arriving on university campuses, in some cases for the first time. This has turned into a natural start of the year, with activities and events starting afresh.


What can we do to make our newest students alumni aware? This is an overwhelming time for first year students, there is definitely an information overload. For those that read my book The Alumni Way you know that bestselling author Margaret Atwood spoke at my first year orientation. Nice? Yes. Impressed? I was. At the same time, I was disconnected to how she and I had shared this university connection.


Your challenge this week:


Alumni facing professionals: How can you create authentic, meaningful Alum from Day One connections for the newest students? Which alumni can engage in this activity to create relatable inspiring role models for this impressionable new group navigating a new experience? Be specific and intentional in this work – with alumni we try to do it all – do one thing well!


Alumni and students: Sharpen your radar – can you detect the Alum From Day One activity on campus? Do you want to be a part of it? Reach out to offer your perspective or your volunteer time to make this happen – help create the awareness for others of their lifelong alumni connection.


I am on the road again starting next week. For those attending the CASE Europe conference in Edinburgh – I look forward to seeing you there!  (the link is to my panel session – should be terrific!) I have a special book signing at the Aluminati booth (26) on Wednesday August 30th. I hope to have a proper book launch too before the end of the year in person both in London and Dublin and in my hometown of Toronto next year – it’s all to come!


Do you want to explore brining Alum From Day One activities all year round on campus? Let’s talk! Let’s consider what that might look like and it could include some networking workshops for your students and alumni. Book a discovery call with me here.


Yours with alumni inspiration,


 Quote from the book

“We can all create our own Alum from Day One thinking, as new or seasoned alumni. This is our Day One. We can start over. We can reflect on our past and how our evolving alumni capital can affect our future.”

The Alumni Way, p. 59



Photo below: Book signing – Do you have your copy of The Alumni Way yet? It’s still 50% off here with the code POTAW23 and when we meet in person I am happy to sign it for you too!