Go bold not bland – plus 2 upcoming online events!

Dear Friends,

This week as you read this, I am in Geneva, Switzerland attending my final meeting of the CERN Alumni Advisory Board in the role of Expert Alumni Advisor. As my term ends, this is a chance to reflect on the experience. What is most poignant about the CERN alumni experience is how the small, but mighty, alumni team and dedicated alumni board are not afraid to reimagine alumni engagement.

What do I mean? They take many of the traditional alumni engagement features – online and in-person events, even a flagship homecoming every few years. But the feeling is different. With only a small team the focus is on helping CERN alumni—former staff, researchers, and visiting students among others—to leverage their CERN connections to explore career opportunities. They focus on connection to this special place and the connection to people. Over and over again CERN injects aspects that make the CERN experience distinct. You know you are attending a CERN event because it screams CERN. Even the trophy for the Alumni Awards is made from strips of the superconducting cable from the LHC at CERN, making for a unique and connected accolade for winners. It is no surprise CERN Alumni won a CASE Gold Award for their incredible work! High Energy Network indeed!

Your challenge this week:

For alumni-facing professionals: As we vie for the attention of our alumni, and with the noise of so many other things, ask yourself these questions: What makes our programs unique to our institution – what’s the personality? How do you ensure you are seasoning your event with your special sauce? This might be a connection to a special place, mascot, an annual institutional event – make the connection for your alumni special.

For alumni and students: Time for a micro-reflection! What made/makes your university experience special? Was there a place or person or event that made you smile? How can you reconnect?

Two special events next week!

Excited to be on a panel that combines alumni and lifelong learning, hosted by Ryan Catherwood of Protopia – it’s next Wednesday, November 29th, at 12pm Eastern/5pm GMT and you can register here.

My alma mater the University of Toronto is hosting my webinar Supercharge your Networking as an Alum – and this will be UofT infused no doubt! If you are a current UofT student or alumni you can register here.

Hope to have my feet on the ground more in December!

With alumni fun,


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Photo below: Check out the panel next week – one of two upcoming events! I have Barcelona, Geneva, Munich, Toronto, Prague and Australia all booked for 2024 – get in touch if you want to explore an online or in-person event!