Let’s shift the focus!

Networking is usually something we think about when we need something – like making a career move.

The purpose of Alumni Friday is to make networking a regular habit.

What if this Alumni Friday you kept others in mind too? You might see an event, an article or a job posting you know would be of interest to someone else. Perhaps check-in with a former mentee (or mentor). Meet with a fellow alum or an alumni volunteer. Ask the question: “How can I help you?”

Looking for some ideas? Here’s a fun listen where I was interviewed by UBC Student Alumni Council members Taarika Dajani and Elliott Gee for the TUUM EST podcast on the value of alumni connection.

Happy weekend!

Yours with alumni inspiration,

Quote from the book

“Our small efforts sharing information or network contacts can yield incredible personal and professional transformation for others.”

The Alumni Way, p. 163