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Dear friends,

Alumni Friday on Thursday? Sometimes a little adaptation to our normal routine is healthy! In some parts of the world Friday this week is a public holiday, so you might be taking the whole Friday off.

Your challenge this week… RELAX!

As you kick your feet up and boil the kettle, don’t forget to enter the Alumni Friday contest to win a Next Generation Alumni Webinar for your organization! Just hit reply and tell me in one sentence:

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As you enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee this Friday you are looking for something to…

LISTEN TO: For alumni-facing professionals: I can recommend the Alum-Less Podcast, hosted by Ryan Catherwood and Chris Marshall and their special guests – you can also join their LinkedIn Live to enhance your Alumni Friday! And Brite Ideas podcast with host Sandra Rincón who also has stellar guests (including yours truly! 😊)

For alumni and students: Check out The Brand Called You podcast, with a wide variety of inspiring topics and speakers – you can also listen to my episode on the Benefits of Networking or Sharath Jeevan’s super episode on Intrinsic Motivation if you need a boost!

A final call for your contest entry! Hit reply by Wednesday 12th April. Your e-mail address will be entered into a randomized draw taking place on Thursday 13th April and announced in the Alumni Friday newsletter on Friday 14th April.

With alumni relaxation,

Quote from the book

“Reflection is a continuous process of self-awareness and personal alignment. While both time consuming and challenging, reflection leads to immense returns.”

The Alumni Way, p.59

Photo below: My pause included a short visit with my family in Nova Scotia, Canada this week. My amazing sister-in-law Ruth snapped some shots for a photo shoot of me – bright ideas and relaxation included!