Alumni Friday Blue

Vacation check-in – part 2

Dear Friends,


Despite the sweltering heat and humidity here on the east coast of Canada, alumni potential doesn’t stop. Through some special alumni networks I have made discoveries, those moments of serendipity – that happen only when we keep ourselves curious (even on semi-vacation!).


Mine was in the form of some special diaspora connections – I share the Nova Scotia affinity with the unofficial NS LinkedIn guy Sean Meister. Even though we have corresponded for ages and he has a dog-eared copy of The Alumni Way, we never met in person until today! High tech to high touch in action! What makes this connection special is we both saw the immense potential for alumni to support the growth of the province and when I asked that golden question:


“Who else do you think I should meet?”


He suggested Shawna Garrett, CEO of EduNova – a non-profit supporting seismic advancement of international education in Nova Scotia. This week, I made the trudge downtown in 30+ weather and met Shawna in person. What a meeting! Besides the additional contacts suggested (see question above) – I also discovered that Global Affairs Canada has an open consultation on their International Education Strategy, with such themes including alumni! Hurrah! Alumni is on the Canadian government radar! Without this meeting, I would have been blissfully unaware of the opportunity to make a submission and the emerging interest in my passion topic.


Your challenge this week:


For alumni-facing professionals: if you are in Canada, consider a submission on the International Education Strategy, with the focus on the alumni theme. Offer your experiences and suggestions so that as this emerges it might be something that not only support’s Canada’s interests but enhances experiences for alumni. You can do so by 31st of July here.


For alumni and students: Ask that important question: “Who else do you think I should meet?” and sometimes magic ensues – I certainly hadn’t anticipated the planned happenstance (serendipity!) above!


(alumni facing professionals should also consider using this phrase too – curiosity is for everyone!)


This question and many others form part of the practical learning from my signature Next Generation Networking Workshop – where hundreds of alumni and students to date have gained confidence in their networking abilities! Happy to discuss the cost-effective workshop with you – book a discovery call with me!


Stay well and cool!


With alumni curiosity,




Quote from the book

“Planned happenstance is creating the conditions for serendipity…our alumni capital sparks our curiosity. A curiosity that allows us to create serendipitous moments…”

The Alumni Way, p.65-66


Photo below: Sean Meister and I only met today – photo to be posted on LinkedIn later! – so here’s a photo of me on the Halifax Waterfront post-meeting – you can’t tell but I have a Cows ice cream in hand (sea salted toffee- highly recommended!)