#LoveAlumni is back

Show your alumni you care!   Dear Friends,   Yes! It’s time! February is the perfect time to celebrate:   our alumni the crucial work of alumni relations (and other sectors from student affairs to career services that directly involve alumni in transformative work) the alumni-facing professionals and alumni leaders that make this magic possible. […]

Future Alumni Trends: Alumni Angel Investing with Nanyang Angelz

In this special blog series, I will highlight some innovative trends in alumni engagement. No better place to start then to dive in with Nanyang Angelz. This is an  interview with Co-Founders Ivan Wei Kit Yong and Sam Lee. I had the pleasure to meet Ivan and Sam a few years ago and from there […]

Decade of Alumni Connection? Yes!

In 2019, I declared 2020 as the beginning of the Decade of Alumni Connection. I was wide-eyed, taking on my business, KITE- Keep in Touch Education,  full-time. My book  The Alumni Way was in development. I was ready to start an alumni revolution. Then, the pandemic struck. Connection took on a new form. We were isolated […]

6 books to Inspire Your Alumni Potential (and Your Alumni Networks!)

Did you know one of the first things I did after my book The Alumni Way was published last year was to arrange a photo shoot. No, not me and the book. Just books. It includes some of the books that inspired me and are infused in The Alumni Way pages are a succinct list of some […]

Let’s meet for a future Alumni Friday!

Happy Alumni Friday! In my last newsletter, I opened up my Alumni Friday to YOU! I have my first of these connections this afternoon! Do you want a quick 20-minute chat to discuss all things alumni? (Think inspiring, not sales-y). If you do, you are welcome to book a future Alumni Friday with me here Have […]