Featured in my own alma mater blog!

After only a month into my new role as Interim President and Chair of the Alumni Association Board at the University of St Michael’s College – University of Toronto – I wrote about my experience connecting at such a distance- it’s easier than you think!

Here’s a quote:

“The future of alumni connection is one where each one of us in the St. Mike’s community feels, despite our busy lives, our commitments, our day to day, that we can reconnect to place and peopIe. Alumni—graduates, former students, former and current staff and faculty, religious communities— can diffuse their life experience to every corner of the College. We can derive benefit too; we can reconnect to old friends and create new ones. We can enrich our lives with learning and insight the College offers through its teaching, research, service to community, and alumni accomplishments.”

Check out my full Insight Out blog post here.

(and consider reconnecting to your own alma mater – minutes or time zones away- immense opportunities and enjoyment await you!)