The Alumni Way

The Impact Alumni Program

Building career readiness and alumni engagement with social impact

A scalable, energizing program for students and alumni

The Impact Alumni Program energizes students and alumni to pursue a career with purpose and a life engaged in the alumni community as an active global citizen

By encouraging networking confidence and leadership skills, the Impact Alumni Program enables students and alumni to explore inspiring careers and ways to take an active role in the community.

Why bring the Impact Alumni Program to my organization?

Impact Alumni is designed to:

  • increase and measure active alumni engagement
  • scale career skills development (even with limited resources)
  • align to your organization’s impact/ sustainability values and the impact rankings
  • target equity and inclusion with career readiness
  • amplify the value alumni engagement to new grads and student

Students and alumni complete the four easy steps of Impact Alumni:

  • Participate in the Next Generation Networking the Alumni Way workshop¬†
  • Sign the Impact Alumni Charter
  • Commit to positive action – volunteering, exploring careers with purpose – aligned to the SDGs
  • Promote program to fellow students and alumni. Continue an ecosystem of peer support.

Upon completion of the four steps, students/alumni receive an Impact Alumni Digital Badge

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