Alumni Friday Blue

Inspire them to embrace their alumni-ness!

Dear Friends,

Last weekend was my 25th alumni reunion celebrated at the University of Toronto. On campus too was another prominent celebration: graduation! Conferring is in full swing. Happy graduates abound.

Soon the reality of the life after graduation sets in. The happiness of graduation will fade. Here are some resources to inspire the newest alumni to see the value in staying connected with their alma mater to boost their after-student life.

Here’s a Roostervane article: “Give your Career a Headstart by Building your Alumni Network” where I was interviewed about how students and the most recent grads can best maximize the connection with alumni.

Want to create a networking mindset for your grads? Check out this 
Alumni Way blog post that presents 4 questions to ask to create this networking mindset.

One of the early endorsements of 
The Alumni Way book was from bestselling author Dorie Clark. I approached Dorie to review my book after reading this article ‘3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Alumni Network” in the Harvard Business Review.

Finally, you (or your alumni) might benefit from downloading The Alumni Way Workbook, it’s a free fillable PDF of all the activities from 
The Alumni Way to help students and recent graduates to build their alumni network and reflect on the opportunities they have connected to their alma mater. The Workbook available as a free download here.

Your challenge this week:

you know or are a recent graduate, take a few minutes to review these resources – they might come in handy with graduation season ahead!

Just yesterday I delivered the Next Generation Networking the Alumni Way online workshop and so far the feedback has been extremely positive.
Could your students or alumni benefit from this workshop? Hit reply and we can discuss or book a 
discovery call with me.

Have a great weekend!

With alumni inspiration,

Quote from the book

“Our journey begins with graduation. Graduation changes our relationship with the university from a state of doing, to a state of being.

The Alumni Way, p.11