LoveAlumni Alumni Friday Feb Campaign

Alumni for so much more!

Dear Friends, 

With the final in the series for #LoveAlumni month, I hope you found this has been an insightful pause on the power of alumni potential in the frenetic everyday. 

One of the underestimated powers of alumni networks is the power to have social impact. This is another reason to #LoveAlumni (and the professionals and leaders that help make it happen!). Alumni networks are not just for personal or institutional gain, they can be the encouragement and enabler to inspire collective change, be relatable role models or support the next generation to achieve their educational potential. These might be disguised as mentorship programs, networking events, classroom guest lecturers, or recruitment events. Meaningful alumni engagement is powerful!

I had the pleasure to collaborate with an incredible group from Mexico to Jordan and beyond to synthesise the power of these social impact networks. First for the HundrED Summit in November 2021 and then for our World Economic Forum article.  Here’s a taste: “Alumni networks—and indeed all social impact networks—have the potential for innovation and to create a powerful human capital-based circular economy.”

Check out the full article here

Your challenge this Alumni Friday:

Bring a small group of like-minded alumni-facing professionals for an Alumni Friday chat. Start with the question: How is your alumni network offering genuine forms of social impact – for students, for the wider community? Celebrate your achievements and make a commitment to promote the social impact of alumni networks! 

For alumni and students: Consider one way you can offer your time or talent to support prospective students, current students, fellow alumni or collectively volunteer your service to make a positive social impact? It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture or time consuming – it can be a once-off activity or event. 

The #LoveAlumni continues with my virtual (and physical) travels over the coming months including South Africa, Eswatini, Canada, USA, Czechia, Austria, Portugal, Kuwait (and Canada again!). I would love to bring alumni inspiration to you! As we look towards the second half of 2023, let me know if I can bring Next Generation Networking and The Alumni Way inspiration to your alumni, students, or alumni-facing teams! Book a Discovery Call and we can explore!

With plenty of alumni love,



Quote from the book

“As informed, savvy alumni we become the ambassadors for our alma mater. We encourage others to reconnect and potential become generous alumni too.”

The Alumni Way, p. 166