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Find the silver lining

Dear Friends,

When The Alumni Way was published in 2021, we were still in the throes of the pandemic. After 16 years on this book publishing journey I didn’t even get the fun and the culmination of the achievement through an in-person book launch. This event, organized at the Trinity Business School, was postponed and then cancelled. I was disappointed. 

Fast forward two and a half years. 2023 was a tough year for me personally, despite all the exciting things professionally that have come into fruition, including the recent launch of The Alumni Hour. Sometimes the world manifests things when we need it the most. Silver lining moments. This week, I had such a moment. 

I visited the Trinity Bookshop, attached to the new Book of Kells Experience at Trinity College Dublin – and voila! – there were new stacks of The Alumni Way on the shelves! When I asked, apparently the last batch sold out! 

This made my day. It is heartwarming to think a book about alumni has resonated with people – not just this converted audience (that’s you!) 😊 

They asked me if I would sign the new batch and took some fabulous photos of the event – it was short of a book launch, but it certainly caused a stir in the place – I felt great that a book on alumni was causing curiosity!

Your challenge this week:

For alumni-facing professionals: We can #LoveAlumni by helping them through difficult times; nostalgic stories, mental health support, events that support well-being. How can you create some silver lining moments?

For alumni and students: Can you find a silver lining moment through alumni connection? Reach out to a fellow alum or student for an energizing chat (I had one of these yesterday too – a recent grad from Trinidad – what a boost to hear about her achievements!). 15 minutes might be all it takes. Check out The Alumni Way Workbook (it’s a free download!)) page 27, Activity 17 to guide you through a mindful information interview. Whether you are struggling to find your dream career path or going through personal challenges, a fresh perspective and new energy may be helpful. Make the leap and reach out! #LoveAlumni at its best!

Do you hope to bring #LoveAlumni energy to your final year students or alumni groups? Show them how to supercharge their networking the alumni way with a webinar, online workshops in-person event with me! Delighted to report they come back with rave reviews! Book a discovery call with me to explore the affordable options for 2024 and 2025!

You don’t have The Alumni Way yet? Pick it up at the Trinity Bookshop or online in Ireland here with Brookside Publishing (for local swift shipping) or anywhere else in the world here with the code TAW24 for 50%! Make February the month you #LoveAlumni and read the book!

Yours with alumni hope and love,




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Photo below: #LoveAlumni and #LoveTheAlumniWay! I was excited on Monday to sign my books among some esteemed Trinity authors – what a boost!