Decade of alumni connection? Yes! Let me explain why… 

Happy 2023! 

In 2019, I declared 2020 was the beginning of the Decade of Alumni Connection. Little did I know that a pandemic would reframe the ways alumni connected with their alma mater (and with each other).  

The #alumnidecade was more than aspirational. It’s the chance to rethink alumni connection for a new generation, for the times we live in and to create a better world. Ambitious? Yes! Check out my recent blog post explaining why the #alumnidecade idea is more important than ever.  

Are you ready to dive into the #alumnidecade in progress? 

This week’s Alumni Friday challenge: 

  1. Reconnect with someone you met or connected to during the pandemic or over the last 3 years. It might be a professional colleague, a classmate, or friend. Invite them for an Alumni Friday conversation to begin a reconnection.  
  1. For alumni/advancement colleagues: take a few minutes to consider alumni connection in 2030. What will this look like? Alumni relations can often go from event to event. This is an opportunity to think BIG! Next week we will delve into this further looking at alumni relations and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to 2030 – how can we dovetail the #alumnidecade with the challenges presented with the SDGs?  

One more thing…  

Policy Press are having a January sale! If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Alumni Way book yet, you can do so now at 50% off (so that’s only £9.99 or USD$9.99) here. The accompanying Workbook, with over 20 exercises to energize your alumni self and networking practice, is always free and available here. 

With New Year alumni inspiration,  


Quote from the book

“The call to keep in touch is vague: the alumni magazine and reunion invitations seem to hold little relevance to daily life. Drawing on the thinking from the Alumni Way, it may be worth considering or even embracing these invitations.” 

The Alumni Way, p.2  


Photo below: #alumnidecade – oh the possibilities! Here’s a photo from my New Year’s Eve hike with the expanse available to us!