The Alumni Way

  • Our students and alumni know they need to network, 

but don’t know where to start. 

They want to find a meaningful career. A life with impact.

(not just any job!)


What about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a tool.

Networking is building relationships.

It’s the skills, strategies and plans to unleash the power of this tool.


Next Generation Networking The Alumni Way!

A webinar or workshop combining

career readiness, alumni engagement and social impact. 


Supercharge students and alumni to:

 find a career with purpose,

support others spark positive change in the world!


What’s the WAY!?

W – WELCOME your alumni status

                         A – ACCESS your alumni network with intention

           Y – YES! to your purpose-driven network

 !  – IMPACT! ignite social change 

Workshop (2 hours) and Webinar (45 min) available


Workshop/Webinar Details 

Facilitated online (Zoom) or in-person (travel expenses extra – limited availability)

Dr Maria Gallo, The Alumni Way author and strategist is your expert facilitator

Unlimited alumni, new graduates and students can participate live

Access to the recording (6 months) for your library

2022 prices secured until June 2023 (ask about bespoke events for your alumni or teams!)


Workshop (2 hours)

Pre-event call to tailor to existing programming 

Digital badge upon completion 

Bonus!  Access to Revealing the Alumni Way (RAW) Graduate Masterclass (6 months)

Option to transition to Impact Alumni Program

By the end of this energizing, interactive workshop, your students and alumni will:

recognize the purpose and power of networking

be intentional in their networking, identifying their existing networks

apply practical strategies to transform their networking for a meaningful career and life

develop a lifelong networking habit for themselves, help others

and spark positive change in the world


Webinar (45 minutes)

Ready to prepare for life after graduation?  Want to take your career to next level?

Building your network is a great way to start!

Join Dr Maria Gallo, author of The Alumni Way as

she outlines practical strategies to supercharge your network

for career exploration, for life, and to support others in the wider world.


Check out rave reviews!

“Maria Gallo is an outstanding presenter. She provides clear and simple instructions that take the mystery out of networking, an often fear-inducing process. Our alumni and students gave Maria outstanding reviews. I can’t wait to invite her back!” 

– The University of Denver 


“Every part of the presentation was meaningful for my career growth as a social change leader”


“Maria was well-prepared, the session was engaging and the examples were clear so that we can apply them to our lives.”


“A fresh perspective on networking – a reminder to me to give more and take less and to be more proactive, as well as having more intentional networking as a regular habit.” 

– Atlas Corps scholars, fellows and alumni 


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