Special contest alert – don’t miss it!


Dear Friends,

A quarter of 2023 is behind us. What energizing ways do you want to make an impact in the 9 months that remain? 


I started the weekly Alumni Friday e-inspiration (e-nspiration?) to push the boundaries of what we can do – an hour a week – to build our alumni selves and to build better alumni services. 


Over March we have navigated through the 4 traits of The Alumni Way – reflection, curiosity, passion, and generosity  (these are the key links from these past newsletters- I don’t have an Alumni Friday archive…yet!). If you want more on each of the traits get your copy of The Alumni Way


If you don’t have a copy yet for yourself/your students/your alumni pick it up at 50% off here with the code POTAW23 


Your challenge this week:

There are 35 Fridays left in 2023! 

What can you do to create alumni magic in just one hour a week? 

  1. 30+ new alumni connections building your network and exploring careers
  2. Take an Alumni Friday pause each week to get inspired by alumni stories or initiatives (include your favourite hot beverage!)
  3. Present new alumni programs focused on supercharging alumni to network with confidence, purpose and impact  


What’s possible for you (and/or for your organization) for the rest of 2023? 


Here’s the mini-contest!

Hit reply! Share your short Alumni Friday commitment with me!

One sentence starting with: My Alumni Friday commitment is to…


I will pick two winners!

1st prize: A Next Generation Networking Webinar for your organization! A 45-minute webinar for your alumni/students live with me! PLUS a signed copy of The Alumni Way (as a prize at the webinar or for you!) 

2nd prize: A signed copy of The Alumni Way PLUS an e-book copy to giveaway to a friend.


Send your reply by e-mail by Wednesday 12th April. Your e-mail address will be entered into a randomised draw taking place on Thursday 13th April and announced in the Alumni Friday newsletter on Friday 14th April. 


As part of the mini-contest rules, you will allow your ‘My Alumni Friday commitment is to’ sentence (but not your name/institution) to be collected as part of a mini-data set and possibly shared as part of a future blog post celebrating the 5th anniversary of my TEDx talk in mid-April. 


For the first prize winner (lucky you!) you will get to choose the energizing webinar on a date of your choice during 2023. 


Think of all that alumni potential!


With alumni luck,



Quote from the book

“What’s the proactive approach we take to embracing our alumni status, our alumni capital, and our alumni experience?”

The Alumni Way, p.187

Watch the alumni potential soar!