RAW Graduate Masterclass: Revealing the Alumni Way

Transform your thinking and your actions as a graduate and interacting with fellow alumni.


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Section I - Introduction to the RAW Graduate Masterclass
Introduction to the RAW Graduate Masterclass

Welcome! As a recent graduate, you may be feeling overwhelmed or even a little lost. You might be feeling the pressure to follow a career path or secure a stellar job right away but remain unsure of the next steps. This masterclass will help you with strategies to prepare and plan for life after graduation. A life with impact!

There are hundreds of thousands of graduates like you all over the world.

What will help you stand out?

Your experience and your network are unique to you.

As a graduate, you are still forming your experiences and your network. Your challenge in this masterclass is to think about your experiences and your network differently—consider how they can have an impact on your life, for life. This includes for your future career, and across all aspects of your life.  

This RAW Graduate Masterclass introduction focuses on helping you achieve the following goals. By the end of the masterclass, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the value of your lifelong alumni status to create the life you want
  • Identify your alumni networks for your career, professional and personal life
  • Gain growth-minded leadership skills to access, leverage, and support your alumni networks
  • Develop curiosity to support interests and passions for professional/personal development
  • Participate in practical activities to explore careers, secure a job, or find the next step after graduation
  • Consider ways to support your fellow alumni and university community in the spirit of alumni citizenship
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 How to Get the Most Out of this Masterclass

The purpose of this masterclass is to transform your thinking and your actions as an alum and interacting with fellow alumni. Here’s the best way to get there:

Be consistent. Devise a time in your schedule to complete this masterclass. Treat like any other meeting or appointment in your schedule. Apart from completing the content, there are exercises to do and these will take time, but they promise to yield great long-term results.

Be open. The curriculum for this masterclass is based on over a decade of research in networks for alumni and students. Some of the lessons and activities might require you to take a leap or try something completely new. Reframe the challenges and stay curious. Go for it!

Share generously. Use the hashtag #TheAlumniWay to share your experiences of alumni connection. They may be exactly what others might need to hear today to solve a problem orseize an opportunity.

Recommend to a friend. Completing a RAW masterclass with a fellow graduate, or even as a group will enable you to maximize the experience. You can encourage each other and even explore some of the ideas together.

You're a Part of Something Bigger
You are part of a community of hundreds and even thousands of students and alumni curious about revealing the Alumni Way through these RAW masterclasses. Alumni at all stage of their lives: current students and new graduates to seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs. Even those who support students and alumni—parents, career, and alumni professionals—are completing the masterclass. This is a powerful message about alumni networks. You will be able to maximize the university investment you worked hard for! Let’s get started!
The focus of this masterclass isn’t just to boost your career. This is important, of course—but it’s also a focus on what your university investment can offer you across your whole life, for life.

Download a copy of The Alumni Way Workbook
Invite  a fellow graduate of friend to complete this masterclass with you. This may be the motivation you need to complete the masterclass and put what you have learned into action 
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What’s your personal or professional goal that you hope to achieve by the end of this masterclass?
Final words:

Having a personal or professional goal will also help ensure you complete all the sessions of the masterclass and maximize its benefits.

Sharing your goal is an extra motivator! Consider sharing your goal with a friend or fellow graduate. 

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