RAW Graduate Masterclass: Revealing the Alumni Way

Transform your thinking and your actions as a graduate and interacting with fellow alumni.


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  • Curious to understand more about the science behind alumni role identity? Visit Dr Travis McDearmon’s blog where he outlines alumni role identity thinking and theories: link here
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Section I - Introduction to the RAW Graduate Masterclass
Your Life as a Grad 

This session focuses on the different parts that make up who you are. You are a college graduate, of course. You might also be a brother or sister, an athlete or a volunteer. Now that you’ve graduated, you’re also a member of the alumni community—so you can add ‘alum’ to your list of identities too. It’s more than somewhere you went to university or college. It’s part of who you are.

Why is your alumni identity important? Research on alumni role identity suggests that the more that you internalize your identity as an alum, the more likely you are to be engaged in activities that involve your university—that includes building your career, volunteering with your university after graduation, and even collaborating with other alumni to engage in service in your community.

Watch Video (5 min ) : Life Identities


Complete The Alumni Way Workbook Activities 1A and 1B (page 7)

Activity 1A: Add ‘alum of’ / ‘graduate of’ to your bio
To claim your alumni identity after you graduate—advertise it! Add ‘graduate of’ to your social media bios and fill in the education section
Activity 1B: Create a list of your life identities
List your life identities—of course ‘graduate’ might be one of them, but what else? Think of your family identities, your extra-curricular activities, your hobbies, sports or leisure activities, your volunteer roles. Brainstorm and list them all on the Workbook Activity 1B chart provided. Now rank them! What’s most important to you right now? At the beginning of this masterclass where did alum fit into your identity?
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What did alumni mean to you before this session?

How has your view changed?

Final words:

You might be thinking: “How is my alumni identity going to help me for my future career and my life?” Remember, we are playing a long game—changing attitudes and behaviors, not just making little tweaks on your CV or resume. Stay with it—these are the building blocks of change and building lifelong value from your educational investment.

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