Image: Unsplash / @claybanks

In November 2021, I participate as a member of a terrific workshop panel for the HundrED Innovation Summit. The workshop was entitled: Networks Transforming Education. InHive assembled this amazing panel of facilitators from around the world.  With the electricity from the online event still sparking post-event, we agreed to write an article of our experiences of social impact networks for the World Economic Forum online magazine Agenda.

To read the full article: ‘How investing in social impact networks can spur innovation and change’

with my co-authors:

Founder, We Love Reading, Jordan & Hashemite University, Jordan, and President of the Society for Advancement of Science and Technology in the Arab world
Senior Project Lead, inHive
Head of Alumni, Enseña por México / Teach For All Network
Youth Engagement & Inclusion Consultant, Scholars Program, Mastercard Foundation
A quote from the article: “Networks are often not recognized for the crucial work they offer to individuals and the community. Consider, for example, a secondary school alumni network in an underserved community – it can mobilize graduates to become relatable role models for current pupils.”

The link to the World Economic Forum Agenda article is also here.