Released on Book Launch day, this is an episode of the publisher’s podcast Transforming Society. Host Rebecca Megson-Smith interviews Maria on the ideas sprinkled throughout the book related to alumni potential. Rebecca starts the interview by saying:

The Alumni Way is bursting with enthusiasm for the potential our alumni identities and networks offer us. It’s really infectious…after reading the first chapter, I found myself checking out my old universities on LinkedIn and ensuring I was fully subscribed to all the relevant groups.”

The conversation discusses why we should move away from the ‘student as customer’ or even the ‘graduate as financial donor’ idea. Instead we need to embrace the lifelong shareholder idea, to be fully invested in our alma mater. This allows us to see the multi-dimensional potential of the alumni-university relationship- so everybody benefits!

The link to the Transforming Society Podcast episode ‘Using your alumni status as a gateway to opportunity’ is available here (39 min)