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Feeling lost after graduation? Wondering what’s next? Your journey doesn’t end here. Your education is a lifelong investment, one that can continue to benefit you long after you leave campus.

You already have the foundations of an incredible support system in place: a powerful network of shared connections that can help you go further and achieve your goals. Your alumni network holds the key to building the life you want, from finding that first step on the career ladder to opening the door to grad school. Now is the time to nurture it. Now is the time to expect more. More from ourselves. More from our college or university. More from our fellow alumni. More for our careers. More for our communities.

Your alumni status can help you to achieve so much more:

  • AWA_Arrows_Icon A satisfying, meaningful career
  • AWA_Arrows_Icon A thriving business
  • AWA_Arrows_Icon The opportunity to contribute to the sustainability of our local and global communities

You got the education. You graduated. But you are NOT alone. You have an incredible network and ecosystem to help you build the life you want. Let The Alumni Way show you how!


The Alumni Way isn’t magic, it’s action. It’s a journey. It’s a path to building the life you want, with a powerful network of shared connections behind you every step of the way.

Just as there is no magic formula to get a degree, the same goes for life after graduation. A few tweaks on LinkedIn might have an impact in the short-term, but if you want to get serious about your connections, your networks, and opportunities, then it’s time to leverage your alumni status.

We have a ton of resources to support you, no matter what stage you’re at in your alumni journey. Read on to find out what The Alumni Way is all about and how it can help you to achieve your goals.

The Book

The Alumni Way: Building Lifelong Value from Your University Investment by Dr Maria Gallo (published by Policy Press)

The Alumni Way presents a powerful new way to look at your alumni network, and an equally powerful plan to leverage that network to transform not just your life and career, but the community around you as well.”

– David Burkus, bestselling author of Friend of a Friend and Thinkers50 ranked thought leader

Launched on the 30th September 2021- the book is available here

Drawing on over a decade of research, this book sets out the value of our alumni potential across all areas of our lives, not just our careers. Navigating through the four key principles of The Alumni Way – reflection, curiosity, passion, and generosity – Dr Gallo shows you how your alumni status can transform your career and your life, for life.

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The Alumni Way Workbook is designed to accompany the book, offering 23 practical exercises for you to complete as you work towards becoming a savvy, growth-minded alum.

It’s free and available soon!

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The Alumni Way Academy is your alumni toolkit, packed with online masterclasses for students, recent graduates, mid-career professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders—and even those supporting alumni inside the institutions, in our communities and at home.

The Academy is a place for all of us, no matter where we are on our alumni journey.



The world needs discerning, savvy, engaged alumni. Alumni that are interested in connection and in learning how their investment in their education can be valuable throughout the rest of their lives.

The Alumni Way Academy is available as an institutional membership – not just for your alumni, but for your whole community to understand and value alumni potential. Membership gives your current students, recent grads, alumni, academic staff, career advisors, advancement staff, university administrators access to a series of masterclasses and online resources to build their alumni awareness, involvement, and engagement.


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See the stellar advanced reviews of The Alumni Way book!

"A terrific read! Next to Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go, Dr. Gallo’s The Alumni Way deserves strong consideration as THE perfect graduation gift."

Tom Vosper, CFRE

Associate Director Development & Alumni Engagement: Toronto Region, The University of British Columbia

"I implore you: don’t simply grab your degree and run! Embrace the learnings in The Alumni Way to reorient the how’s and why’s of alumni engagement and start building better alumni connections."

J. Kelly Hoey

author of Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World (from The Alumni Way Foreword)

"The Alumni Way presents a powerful new way to look at your alumni network, and an equally powerful plan to leverage that network to transform not just your life and career, but the community around you as well."

David Burkus,

bestselling author of Friend of a Friend and Thinkers50 ranked Thought Leader

"Your alumni affiliation is one of the most powerful forms of social proof you possess. In this timely new book, Maria Gallo shows you how to leverage your investment in order to build connections, deepen relationships, and harness lasting professional credibility." 

Dorie Clark

author of Stand Out, Executive Education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business and Thinkers50 ranked Thought Leader

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