In late August, I recorded a podcast with the formidable Dr Shelli Ann Garland. Shelli is the host of the successful sociology of education podcast A Dash of SaLT. I was very motivated to want to be included as a guest on Shelli’s podcast, for two reasons:

1- SaLT in this case stands for Society and Learning Together (or as she points out Society and Learning Theories). What better way to learn together than through our alumni-ness! We can learn about our life after graduation in two ways. First, as individuals- the ‘what’s in it for me factor.’ We can also collectively as alumni we can learn, partner and build a better society. 

2-  I knew that as a society we need a wider, frank conversation about our alumni status. This is something so many of us have, but few of us really think about daily– but should! 

A key quote: “We have to identify first as members of the alumni community to be able to connect with all these really exciting opportunities that are available to us.”

Listen back to this popular podcast directly here.